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    1. 至美留學——211院校專屬留學平臺,美國留學名校全獎申請專家



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    2. 摘要:進行美國留學套磁就要涉及到套磁信如何寫的問題,美國  套磁信一般寫作的話可以參考一些好的范文,下面本文至美前程留學小編就一些比較優秀的美國phd套磁信的寫作范文為大家
    3. 標簽:美國留學套磁 美國 套磁 美國phd套磁信
    4. 進行美國留學套磁就要涉及到套磁信如何寫的問題,美國 套磁信一般寫作的話可以參考一些好的范文,下面本文至美前程留學小編就一些比較優秀的美國phd套磁信的寫作范文為大家介紹。

      美國phd套磁信要怎么寫呢,美國 套磁之主要的美國留學套磁信的寫作范文:

      Dear Professor ####:

      I am very sorry to bother you and send this e-mail, but I really wish to contact you. I am a graduate student majoring in Condensed Matter Physics Theory in the Department of Physics, Beijing University (Beijing). I wish to pursue a doctoral degree in Physics at your University. My desired date of entrance is Fall, 2000. I have visited the homepage of the "Laboratory for Nanotech". I am writing this letter to you to introduce myself and query about the graduate programs at NCCNM. Thank you very much for reading this email.

      Born on SEP 10, 1979, I entered Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology (HUST) when I was 15 years old. I finished the four-year undergraduate program in three years and achieved my degree of B. Eng. (Optoelectronic Engineering) in June 1997 with the honor of "Outstanding Graduate". Then, I was admitted to the Graduate School of Beijing University at the Department of Physics. I will obtain my degree of M. S. (Physics) in June 2000. I have done much research work on the topics of mesoscopic physics, such as carbon nanotubes, persistent currents, Aharonov-Bohm geometric phase effects, electronic transport phenomena, etc. Such modern research topics attract me very much in that they are associated with both Condensed-Matter Physics and microelectronics, respectively my detail majors for M. S. and B. Eng.

      I wish to say that I am indeed interested in the graduate programs at Physics Dept. of Princeton University, and I eagerly wish that I can join your research group. As I have also strong research interests on carbon nanotubes, I do believe that the doctorate-oriented study under your direction will be of great help to me. I wonder, however, whether you do theoretical or experimental research works? I wish to state that, although my current research topics on carbon nanotubes are theoretical, I can also do experimental research works, especially optical studies, due to my undergraduate major in Optics. I hope my solid background in both physics and engineering can meet your general requirements of entrance to Physics Department as a graduate with financial supports. I deem it a great honor to become a graduate of Princeton, if admitted.

      Would you please consider my application and tell me whether it is possible for me to be enrolled as your graduate with financial supports? Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

      My current address is:


      Building Room


      Beijing 100080

      People's Republic of China


      Yours Sincerely


      美國留學套磁信要如何寫,以上內容就是為大家介紹的一篇比較優秀的美國phd套磁信的寫作范文,希望能夠對要了解美國 套磁信寫作的同學們有所幫助。


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